NV Rare Wine Company Champagne Grand Cru “Le Mesnil” Blanc de Blanc


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香檳之王的盛名耳熟能詳,就像是 Salon Le Mesnil(平均 $400.00),或是Krug Le Mesnil(平均 $1,000)!他們最大的魅力就是來自有名的白中白特級香檳(Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru)葡萄園:Le Mesnil。今天 Angie 要讓你們花十分之一不到的價格,就能享受一樣的豪華品質!

說到香檳,無論是不是白中白(Blanc de blancs),大部分都是混和多個地點的葡萄釀造的,但Le Mesnil可不是。每年Le Mesnil都只有製作極少數的香檳,因此大多都異常昂貴,但是~Rare Wine Company想出了個解套方式,讓價格可以更加合理!Angie這次和大家分享的,就只要 $39.99元!!

一班的無年份香檳酒,在除渣前,規定要和 Lees(酵母)一起存放最少 18個月, 來增加酒本身的複雜感, 可是  Rare Wine Company 不只依照規定, 還更超出的存放了 4年, 販售前還得在酒瓶裡待上6個月。作法一點都不馬虎, 和許多頂級的香檳一樣。


這支香檳的品質非常好,我建議可以放個幾年來擁有最佳享受。Le Mesnil酒款以可存放聞名,也需要時間。就算如此,我也會興致高昂為這些香檳等上幾年。

About the Champagne:
This particular cuvee is made by blending various parcels of Chardonnay grown in Le Mesnil sur Oger. The wines used are specially selected for their finesse and ethereal qualities which give the wines their complex and mouth-waterring flavours. This seductive Champagne is a reflection of the house style of Le Mesnil and is perfect throughout a meal, from aperitif to dessert and indeed at any any time of the day or night.

Gold medal at the “Chardonnay du Monde” competition in 2015.

Technical Data:
100% Chardonnay Grand Cru
Harvest 2012 with 85% and 12% harvest 2011
Bottling: april 2013, minimum 3 years of aging in cellar
Disgorging: 2015
Sugar dosage: 9.2 g/L


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