2014 Domaine Anne Gros Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits, Burgundy, France

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在21世紀的現在,男女平等雖然不是新概念,但在某些產業中還是存在著「重男輕女」的舊習,而在葡萄酒界其實也有那麼一點感覺…但Anne Gros,也就是今天的主角釀酒師,從1988年接管家族酒莊後至今,已經在葡萄酒界建立了極好的商譽。

身為François Gros唯一的女兒,她在25歲時就看到家族酒莊從3公頃擴大到6.5公頃。身為女性釀酒師,Anne知道要如何在質疑她能力的人面前證明自己。她讓大家知道她不只是家族產業的核心,更是帶領酒莊成為勃根地地區最棒的酒莊之一。目前她對葡萄和酒的熱情、天賦、敏感和專業,再再讓她成為值得信賴的釀酒師。

Anne Gros對葡萄園採行「理性控制法」(lutte raisonée),堅持根據種植當年的實際條件,盡可能使用有機栽種。葡萄皆以手工採摘,果液存放在水泥容器中,並使用在地酵母發酵。自我要求這麼高的酒莊,是不是也引起你的興趣了呢?

今天要介紹的Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits就是出自這處酒莊,是2000年新開發的酒款。對於勃根地入門酒款來說,這支酒具有令人驚豔的平衡感,在橡木桶熟成後(40%新橡木,16個月)更是完美。溫和的酸度讓這款酒不需要存放太久就可以飲用。




Anne Gros, the only daughter of François Gros, has established a solid character and reputation in the wine world after taking over her father’s domaine in 1988.

At 25 years old, Anne saw the family domaine grow from 3 to 6.5 ha. She is a winegrower suspicious of certitude and fastidious about maintaining her freedom. As a woman winegrower, Anne knew how to prove herself and convince all who doubted of her ability to manage a domaine. She showed that she had not only the shoulders but the head to make her family heritage one of the greatest domaines of Burgundy. Now her passion for vine and wine as well as her talent, sensitivity and professionalism posit her as a winemaker anyone can rely on.

Anne Gros cares for her vineyards according to “lutte raisonée” principles, adhering to organic practices as much as possible depending on the conditions of the growing year. Grapes are always harvested by hand. Juice is fermented on indigenous yeasts in cement tanks for the reds.

The Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits is a newest appellation formed in 2000. The balanced texture is surprising for an entry level Burgundy. This wine took marvelously well to barrel ageing (40% new oak for 16 months). Its moderate acidity makes it a wine for drinking young.

The 2015 Hautes Côtes de Nuits, which comes from 18-year-old vines, from a small, high-altitude and southeast-facing vineyard near the commune of Concoeur, in the hills above the village of Vosne-Romanée.

This wine offers crunchy dark berry fruit on the nose mixed with a touch of cola and a hint of seaweed. The palate is fresh on the entry with quite firm tannin, plenty of dark berry fruit, the tannins are firmer and the aromas earthier than their regular Bourgogne rouge. Spicy and juicy wine that is sure to make you fall in love with Burgundy if you haven’t already!


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