2013 Bryter Estates ‘Inspired’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA

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大家可能聽過許多款有名的加州膜拜酒(Napa Cult Wine),像是Beckstoffer Georges III 酒莊出產,一瓶 $650.00起跳的 Schrader Cellars CCS Beckstoffer,一瓶要價 $500.00 起跳的Scarecrow。想要入手這些酒款,可是先得踮踮口袋夠不夠深…但有一支酒款,可說是滿足了「沒吃過豬肉也看過豬走路」心態,那就是~~~~ Bryter Estates ‘Inspired’ Cabernet Sauvignon!! 怎麼說呢?就讓Angie細細道來~

這款酒從2007年開始生產,每次生產皆低於200箱,數量非常稀少;所有釀酒原料都來自著名的Beckstoffer Georges III 葡萄園,加上釀酒師是同時為Scarecrow、Cornerstone and Corra釀酒師的Kari Auringer,讓它註定不同凡響!

具有優雅品味、完美混和了紅色漿果、黑色水果濃郁果香,以及些許青椒味,成熟度恰好(非過熟),並擁有極致的深長餘韻、酒體豐滿厚重帶肉質感,都是這支酒的特色。除此之外, 二級香氣則包括黑巧克力、皮革,以及新舊世界風格間的完美平衡感。

碰到這樣的酒我只有一句話 #稱他們還沒漲價前趕快先收!!!!!

95 Points Robert Parker:

“This is an impressive wine from an estate that I haven’t tasted in the past. The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Single Barrel Select emerges from the George III Vineyard in Rutherford and is just aged in 100% new French oak. It exhibits beautiful sweet black cherry and blackcurrant fruit, a judicious touch of toasty oak, medium to full bodied and a long finish. It has long, incredible supple tannins and a lusciousness and opulence. Anther killer 2013, so what’s new? Drink it over the next 15 or so years.


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