2012 Heitz Cellar “Martha’s Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA


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在1976年的巴黎品酒會(Judgement of Paris)改變了全世界對那帕(Napa)葡萄酒的感觀, Heitz Cellar 的 Martha’s Vineyard 也就是其中的主角, 就讓我們回到當時看看吧~~

40年前,一個法國酒獨尊的年代。當時大家對加州酒和法國酒的感覺,就如同聖經裡的大衛和歌利亞(David and Goliath),而巴黎品酒會,就是讓局面完全改觀的一個事件!就像大衛最終打敗了歌利亞,在那次品酒會後,那帕酒從此一飛沖天、躍上世界舞台!

海氏酒窖瑪園(Heitz Martha Vineyard)作為加州代表,時至如今依舊是最具傳奇性的卡本內酒之一。在歡騰節慶即將到來的時刻,這支酒可是非常適合與親朋好友一同享受的喔~ 不僅僅因為它的美好滋味,更是因為它作為美國酒的驕傲

96 points Decanter

The just-released vintage of Martha’s Vineyard is another youthful classic from Heitz, bursting with notes of black cherry, mint chocolate, cigar box and spice. On the palate the wine is ample, concentrated and fresh, with more intensity and drive than many of the supple wines this easygoing vintage produced. Its inherent complexity needs time to unfurl. Drinking Window 2020 – 2040.

96 points James Suckling

Intense aromas of mint, eucalyptus, dark berries, currants and redwood. Citrus peel to boot. Full-bodied, layered and very pretty with silky tannins and a juicy finish. Tight and subtle. Retro cool. From organically grown grapes. Beautiful now to drink.

96 points Wine Enthusiast

This tremendous 100% varietal wine hails from Oakville and was aged over three years in oak. Juicy red-cherry fruit and a compelling hint of caramel greet the palate, framed by elegant, fine tannins and a subtle minty tone in the background. Balanced and rewarding from start to finish, it has years ahead of it to develop further nuance. Enjoy 2022–2030. *Cellar Selection.*



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